Wellness Staffers

Wellness Staffers is a full-service wellness company that delivers wellness to your workplace, event or personal space. Services can be remote or in-person.

We can tailor our services to fit many groups, in many spaces, in many forms and places:

  • Corporate/Workplace

  • Individual Private Yoga Sessions

  • Senior Centers, Wellness Centers, etc.

  • Residential Amenities  

  • First Responders programs

  • Groups / Teams Events

We deliver wellness professionals that are qualified, experienced and certified and provide props and equipment when needed.


You provide the group of students, place and space. Sessions can last 10-15 minutes, an hour, or more and can be held at work, at home, or at a community center. During lunch, before work, after work or during a scheduled break. 

Not sure if you have the space, we will help discover where each session can be held.

Connect with us today. We help design a wellness programs that are successful and meaningful. 

Places and Spaces

Team Talk


Apartment Building

Residential Communities

Firehouse Gear

First Responders




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Virtual classes available. In-person classes and workshops available in the Phoenix- Metro area, AZ 

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